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5 Proven Basic Steps to Health »

tomatoes-p.jpg1. Healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, milk and milk products, fish, eggs, nuts etc. Limitation of food that contains concentrated fats, cholesterol, salt, sugar. Limitation of alcohol. Avoiding fried food. Regular meals – missing a breakfast, lunch or dinner leads to starvation or surfeit.
2. Sports – the regular physical activity ( 30 minutes daily ) leads to: lowering of the blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease, strengthens the bones, muscles and joints, helps to maintain normal body weight, lowers the stress level, improves the sleep Read the rest »

How to become the happiest person on Earth? »

cake-p.jpgHappiness is something we all desire, but it is not always so easy to reach it. Here are few advices, that might help in your search of happiness.The moment you wake up is very important. Always take some time to work on your attitude and expectations for the day. Try to visualize positive outcomes and nice things you expect to happen to you. During the day always keep your eyes open for new opportunities and check if they are worthed by asking yourself what would the possible outcome be in the longterm if you take action are choose not to. Read the rest »

How do I find time to exercise ? »

grapefruit-p.jpgYour schedule is very busy. You have your job, then you need to go shopping, cooking or whatever your daily routine is. You do realize that you will benefit a lot if you start exercising, but you always postpone it to a moment when you will have less work to do. Well here is the truth – such time does not exist. And another one, if you start exercising you will be much more energizeŠ“ and will become more efficient and effective, so basically you will create a new balance for yourself. You will have time to complete your daily tasks, but you will also have time to exercise. As a result you will feel much better and will start to feel the benefits of your new balance very soon.


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What is healthy living? »


Nowadays, this word “healthy” is very often used, but do we know what it really means? It means that your body and mind must be in a balance. What are your nutritional habits? Do you eat more fruits and vegetables? Do you drink more water? Did you limit the consumption of coffee and alcohol? Did you quit smoking?Do you exercise?Do you sleep enough? These factors as well as many others determine whether you will be in a good shape.
Here are 5 quick steps that will help you maintain this balance: Read the rest »

9 Reasons Why You Might Never Succeed »

cvetia.jpgDo you know what a disappointment is? Probably yes, as most of us are very familiar with different failures throughout our life. What keeps us going are the few moments of happiness and success we get from time to time and the hope of more. There are although some people that are definitely more successful than others. Why is this so? What could possibly be that we do wrong that stops us form being more successful.

1. You hate what you are doing
Most of us do things that they do not like. As a result we loose a major advantage. This is PASSION. Without passion thing we do are a kind of everyday challenge. You probably noticed that when you are passionate about something it does not bother you to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and go do it. Read the rest »

Do not sleep too short neither to long! »

p79.jpgThe sleep is a state of natural rest and it is necessary for survival. The sleep is a dynamic time of healing and growth processes. According to the National Sleep Foundation an adult person needs eight to nine hours of sleep in order to be alert, able to solve problems and in good overall health. Another study found that people who live the longest sleep for six to seven hours, but this could have something to do with the fact that older people tend to sleep less or perhaps a genetic ability to generate cells faster gives an advantage in some cases.Other researchers concluded that not getting enough sleep doubles the risk of death form cardiovascular disease, but sleeping too long also hides risks. As a conclusion the most sources advise us to sleep around 7 to 8 hours per night in order to be healthy and to reduce the risk of diseases.

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The importance of being a positive person! »

p97.jpgI have always been interested in the benefits of positive thinking and I have few theories why a person has more to win if he/she has a positive attitude then, a negative one. During the years I have observed a lot of situations, where the outcome was decided namely by the courage and the positive attitude and way of thinking of the person involved. I also watch a lot of movies and in some of them, which are based on real events I notice the same thing. I also read a lot of history ( basically, when I watch a movie or read a book I tend to research the story in, in order to find out more about the real persons featured by the movie or the book ). Two movies come in my mind immediately: Cinderella man and Pursuit of happiness. In both cases the outcome was decided by the positive thinking of the heroes. They never abandoned their dreams. They never thought that it is too late. Impossible was just a simple word for them, which they never used as an excuse.

  • The negative attitude does not attract friends

f you had a rough day remember that not every one you know is willing to listen to your problems. In our world we all have problems. I do not say that you may not share your problems, but try to limit the time you do it, try to summarize it and do not repeat it a lot of times. You also have to distinguish, who is close enough as a friend or family member, that will best understand you and will have patience and compassion for you. Avoid complaining repeatedly about the same thing anytime and anywhere. Your colleagues might not invite you to a beer next time, if you use the time after work, when everyone tries to relax to describe your problems. Guess what will happen if you are labeled as a negative person. You will just have less people to hang out with and this will probably influence your mood. Read the rest »