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The importance of being a positive person!

p97.jpgI have always been interested in the benefits of positive thinking and I have few theories why a person has more to win if he/she has a positive attitude then, a negative one. During the years I have observed a lot of situations, where the outcome was decided namely by the courage and the positive attitude and way of thinking of the person involved. I also watch a lot of movies and in some of them, which are based on real events I notice the same thing. I also read a lot of history ( basically, when I watch a movie or read a book I tend to research the story in, in order to find out more about the real persons featured by the movie or the book ). Two movies come in my mind immediately: Cinderella man and Pursuit of happiness. In both cases the outcome was decided by the positive thinking of the heroes. They never abandoned their dreams. They never thought that it is too late. Impossible was just a simple word for them, which they never used as an excuse.

  • The negative attitude does not attract friends

f you had a rough day remember that not every one you know is willing to listen to your problems. In our world we all have problems. I do not say that you may not share your problems, but try to limit the time you do it, try to summarize it and do not repeat it a lot of times. You also have to distinguish, who is close enough as a friend or family member, that will best understand you and will have patience and compassion for you. Avoid complaining repeatedly about the same thing anytime and anywhere. Your colleagues might not invite you to a beer next time, if you use the time after work, when everyone tries to relax to describe your problems. Guess what will happen if you are labeled as a negative person. You will just have less people to hang out with and this will probably influence your mood.

  • If you have a problem – do not worry about it ( which does not mean that you do not have to try to solve it )

Basically there are two main scenarios. The first one is that your problem will be solved and your worries are totally useless. The second one is that your problem will not be solved or will not be solved the way you want. In this case, you just added all the worrying to the rest of the unpleasant things. And more – I think that if you are a positive person and believe in the good outcome, than this will help you to be more concentrated and motivated to solve your problem. The negative thinking leads to fear in my opinion and will prevent you from acting in your favour because the fear makes you unmotivated and prevents you from showing your best. This is why I guess the people say that “fortune helps for the brave”, “the positive people attract success and the negative people attract troubles”.

  • Extreme situations and positive thoughts

The last point in my post about positive way of looking at life is namely an example of how the positive thoughts might help us save our lives in extreme situations. I will refer you to Discovery Channel. Recently I watched an episode of series about survival in extreme conditions. They followed three different men, each of them in an extreme environment. Desert, mountain and forest.The most interesting thing about all was, how the brain reacted in these situations and how it helped. They also described all the processes that take place in the brain in such situations and basically there was a conclusion that namely the positive thinking is one of our strongest tools, that could help us in such situations and play decisive role if we will make the next step, the one that leads to salvation or will just stay where we are in our desperation.
So I believe that we should always try to think positive, at least this will make us feel better.

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