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How to live the natural life

26108-1_nDo you want to start a new chapter in your life and embrace all things natural? In this digital age, it’s perfectly understandable to aspire to a more organic lifestyle. Here are a few key areas worth assessing so you (and your family) can live as close to nature as you possibly can.

What are you eating?

Your body is a temple, and a perfect reflection of the way you treat it. So, just being conscious of what you put inside it has the potential to improve your health greatly, and help you stick to an organic living program.

There are hidden chemicals and additives in so much of the food we eat. We recommend seriously assessing your weekly supermarket shopping list, checking labels carefully, and looking to replace as many of the pre-packaged and processed foods with green leafy vegetables, lean meats and low GI carbohydrates. The more your food has been processed, the more nutrients are lost.

In fact, the best way to control your diet and ensure it’s organic, is grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Start your own garden this weekend and immediately reap the benefits.

We all have our go-to snacks for an instant perk-up, but that one piece of chocolate or bag of lollies delivers a burst of blood sugar energy that quickly dissipates and becomes a blood sugar crash. This will leave you flat for the rest of the day and a million times more likely to reach for more sugary drinks and snacks.

Start your day with protein, like a free-range egg-based dish, and studies have shown that cravings will be seriously reduced, giving you a much better chance of sticking to a healthy eating program, and living an organic life

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