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How to live longer?

camomileWould we live longer if you give up fast food or meat? Nowadays we can learn the answer to this question with the help of genetic analysis. 1953 the scientists discovered DNA and 50 years later they can already decode it. This is why everyone can order a genetic analysis and to get an information about his/her personal heath situation. According to the scientists everything comes to the genes we have and our interaction with the environment. Faith or Genes. The genes make us different to each other. On them depends not only the hair color but, also the processes that take place in our body and its ability to get rid of the toxins. As a result, for two persons who have the same conditions of life and the same age the results of a event/reaction might be completely different. Today the slogan ” Drink tomato juice – it is healthy” comes with a small correction – for most people it is healthy, but if you want to know if you are one of them get your genes tested. For the same reason, a vegetarian who is your age might look 10 years younger than you, but it does not mean that you will necessarily look the same way if you follow his/her eating habits. Because the genetic analysis might show that you need more vitamin B for example and you need to put emphasis on different food. The scientists have calculated that an individual food program can make your life 14 years longer. The conclusion is that, if we want to feel good and be healthier we need to learn more about our genes and if we can not change our genes, we need to change the environment

photo: flickr

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