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9 Reasons Why You Might Never Succeed

cvetia.jpgDo you know what a disappointment is? Probably yes, as most of us are very familiar with different failures throughout our life. What keeps us going are the few moments of happiness and success we get from time to time and the hope of more. There are although some people that are definitely more successful than others. Why is this so? What could possibly be that we do wrong that stops us form being more successful.

1. You hate what you are doing
Most of us do things that they do not like. As a result we loose a major advantage. This is PASSION. Without passion thing we do are a kind of everyday challenge. You probably noticed that when you are passionate about something it does not bother you to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and go do it.

2. Just doing something is not going to bring you success.
Some people believe that through doing something they will be successful. Well this is that place to say that we have to think what our priorities are. You should identify and accomplish only that tasks that are worth your time.

3. You do not do anything
Well if you are not used to work it just will not happen. Take your time and think what is worthed doing, but once you identify it, it is time to act. Dreaming is useful and creative activity but action is what makes dreams come true.

4. Concentration
Well if you need a very special time, and very special work environment and you need to feel a very special way just to do some work , you will never do it. This is procrastination. Wake up and see the reality. Even if you are on a deserted island and there are no distractions, your excuse will probably be that it to quite and you can not work again. Just start working no matter the distractions. The concentration will come as you go deeper into your task.

5. Quantity work
As the quality is very important, quantity is also a major ingredient of success. If you are more productive and give yourself less breaks you might have more chances of making it.There is nothing wrong with breaks but be realistic, the 2 hour break or an hour of work is not the success secret ration.

6. Health and lifestyle
Well, do not expect to be successful if you stay until 5 in the morning and watch movies, You will never be in a condition for a serious work with such a schedule. Eat healthy and exercise, these are the sort of things that will help your brain to function better.

7. Knowledge
Learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others. Always try to find out more about something you are interested in. If you do not learn new things and take the wisdom from the valuable lessons of life you will end way behind others, just doing the same mistake you did yesterday

8. Home and relatives
Try to keep a good relationship with your relatives. Show to the people you love your feelings. Try to be a good person with them. This will ensure you a friendly and healthy environment that will act as a shield in time of troubles.

9. Be a positive person
This is what the focus of this blog is all about. By hoping and really believing in your success you get better chances of really making it.

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