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How to live longer? »

camomileWould we live longer if you give up fast food or meat? Nowadays we can learn the answer to this question with the help of genetic analysis. 1953 the scientists discovered DNA and 50 years later they can already decode it. This is why everyone can order a genetic analysis and to get an information about his/her personal heath situation. According to the scientists everything comes to the genes we have and our interaction with the environment. Faith or Genes. The genes make us different to each other. On them depends not only the hair color but, also the processes that take place in our body and its ability to get rid of the toxins. As a result, Read the rest

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10 Tricks for More Positive Attutde »

pinnepleWhat are the differences between the optimist and the pessimist? It is almost certain that you have heard about the half full and the half empty cup. This is the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. The optimist always finds a reason to keep advancing and the pessimist always finds a reason to do nothing. Here are few perspectives that might help you to improve your life.

1. Most of the negative thoughts, are result of wrong assumptions
Are the facts that make you a pessimistic really true? Do you imagine the worst outcome of a situation, without actually having a reason to do so? Try to change this attitude.
Read the rest

8 Ways to Have a Good Memory »

strawberries-p.jpgTo forget things sometimes is quite normal, but to forget things often is not that pleasant. It is not funny at all, when you are in a hurry and you can not remember where did you leave the key for the house. The ability to remember things shapes our life and helps us to organize things. The good memory is one of the mightiest assets we have and we are supposed to take care of it if needed. As you can not expect that you will have a nice body if you do not stand up from the bed all day, you also can not expect to have a good memory without training it. The human brain needs constant work in order to be active. Here are 8 suggestions.: Read the rest

Scandinavian way. Did you know that the women in Scandianvia have very clean and smooth skin ? »

tuna-p.jpgAlthough their skin is pale and they are very sensitive to sun burns, the ladies in the northern countries have found the way to have skin without wrinkles. What is the secret? Basically – fish and a lot of fresh air. The consumption of fish in Norway, Denmark and Sweden is very high and the fish is one of the main components of the Scandinavian cooking. The most preferred fish is salmon. The fish is source of anti-oxidants, and helps to postpone the aging of the cells. In Norway and other northern countries the fish is always at the table, it is a perfect food for such cold areas of the world and is very rich of proteins. Read the rest

5 Proven Basic Steps to Health »

tomatoes-p.jpg1. Healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, milk and milk products, fish, eggs, nuts etc. Limitation of food that contains concentrated fats, cholesterol, salt, sugar. Limitation of alcohol. Avoiding fried food. Regular meals – missing a breakfast, lunch or dinner leads to starvation or surfeit.
2. Sports – the regular physical activity ( 30 minutes daily ) leads to: lowering of the blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease, strengthens the bones, muscles and joints, helps to maintain normal body weight, lowers the stress level, improves the sleep Read the rest

How to become the happiest person on Earth? »

cake-p.jpgHappiness is something we all desire, but it is not always so easy to reach it. Here are few advices, that might help in your search of happiness.The moment you wake up is very important. Always take some time to work on your attitude and expectations for the day. Try to visualize positive outcomes and nice things you expect to happen to you. During the day always keep your eyes open for new opportunities and check if they are worthed by asking yourself what would the possible outcome be in the longterm if you take action are choose not to. Read the rest

How do I find time to exercise ? »

grapefruit-p.jpgYour schedule is very busy. You have your job, then you need to go shopping, cooking or whatever your daily routine is. You do realize that you will benefit a lot if you start exercising, but you always postpone it to a moment when you will have less work to do. Well here is the truth – such time does not exist. And another one, if you start exercising you will be much more energizeŠ“ and will become more efficient and effective, so basically you will create a new balance for yourself. You will have time to complete your daily tasks, but you will also have time to exercise. As a result you will feel much better and will start to feel the benefits of your new balance very soon.


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