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8 Ways to Have a Good Memory

strawberries-p.jpgTo forget things sometimes is quite normal, but to forget things often is not that pleasant. It is not funny at all, when you are in a hurry and you can not remember where did you leave the key for the house. The ability to remember things shapes our life and helps us to organize things. The good memory is one of the mightiest assets we have and we are supposed to take care of it if needed. As you can not expect that you will have a nice body if you do not stand up from the bed all day, you also can not expect to have a good memory without training it. The human brain needs constant work in order to be active. Here are 8 suggestions.:
1. Food
The food is a fuel for your brain. Balanced diet will help you to keep your memory in a good shape. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables with green leaves such as lettuce and cabbage. The best foods for the brain are: fish and fish oil, eggs, spinach, strawberries and almonds.

2. Exercise
Move your body and the brain will follow. The exercises improve blood circulation, which helps the brain. Research shows, that frequent exercising over the years will help you reduce the lost of brain tissue.

3. Games for the mind
Intellectually – stimulating games such as puzzles, crosswords, sudoku are one of the best ways to sharpen your memory. These games provoke your thoughts and in the same time are fun.

4. Books
The key to good memory is to constantly challenge it. Always have a book with you and after reading a chapter or two, try to ask yourself questions about these chapters. You can always discuss books with friends.

5. Sleep
It plays a critical role. The memory problems are often related to lack of sleep. Research shows that creativity and problem solving ability are directly connected to the amounts of sleep.

6. Repetition
The more you repeat something, the more you will remember it. The practice is a key to the longterm memory.

7. Music
It is proved that the music has a relationship to the ability to store information and plays role in the process of retaining information

8. Sharing
When you learn new information the best way to remember it is to apply and share it. By sharing information you repeat it again and this helps you to remember it

photo: flickr

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