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Scandinavian way. Did you know that the women in Scandianvia have very clean and smooth skin ?

tuna-p.jpgAlthough their skin is pale and they are very sensitive to sun burns, the ladies in the northern countries have found the way to have skin without wrinkles. What is the secret? Basically – fish and a lot of fresh air. The consumption of fish in Norway, Denmark and Sweden is very high and the fish is one of the main components of the Scandinavian cooking. The most preferred fish is salmon. The fish is source of anti-oxidants, and helps to postpone the aging of the cells. In Norway and other northern countries the fish is always at the table, it is a perfect food for such cold areas of the world and is very rich of proteins. The proteins are pure food for the muscles, and the stronger muscles we have, the better skin. The consumption of fish is recommended as frequent as possible. Salomon, tuna, mackerel etc.
The skin also needs fresh and clean air. Walk in the nature will also help for better skin. Mountain air can do miracles. The olive oil is also an addition to the recipe for a perfect skin. Salad with olive oil is very useful for the stomach, liver and skin. Be active – in Denmark the people use their bicycles frequently and in Norway and Sweden skiing is a national sport.

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