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How to become the happiest person on Earth?

cake-p.jpgHappiness is something we all desire, but it is not always so easy to reach it. Here are few advices, that might help in your search of happiness.The moment you wake up is very important. Always take some time to work on your attitude and expectations for the day. Try to visualize positive outcomes and nice things you expect to happen to you. During the day always keep your eyes open for new opportunities and check if they are worthed by asking yourself what would the possible outcome be in the longterm if you take action are choose not to. When something that makes you happy happens, try to celebrate it. Say to yourself that you expected this to happen to you and you actually deserved it. Remember you successes, keep records on them. These will help you rise your spirit in days that are not so good. No matter how small your success is, try to learn from it. Recognize patterns and trends and try to duplicate it.


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