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Social support and its importance in the fight against STRESS »

97p-p.jpgThere is no doubt, the social support from co-workers, relatives and friends plays an important role in reducing the stress.Basically the social support comes in the form of some kind of emotional support or information. How can this help us? First the emotional support from friends, family members and colleagues shows us, that we are worthy and valued by them. As a result our self esteem rises and we start to feel much better. We start to think positive and to perceive, that we have the ability to cope with the situation. The social support could also be expressed in a form of some information about how to handle a stressful situation. For example a much more experienced person could help someone by encouraging him/her and by giving some tips.So basically if you feel, that the stress is too much. One of the ways to cope with it is by seeking a social support. Always look for a person that will give you some emotional support – that would be someone, who believes in you and loves you. Do not forget that some information can also reduce the stress factor. Always try to find someone who had a similar problem and solved it successfully. Do not hesitate to ask someone more experienced that you if you believe, that they will help you.


Is kitchen furniture important or 7 techniques for slowly eating! »


Now days each of us is in a hurry, and we all have our priorities. Each of us also knows that eating slowly is healthier that just putting big chunks of food in our stomachs. There are few reasons why we should eat slow:

1. More satisfied with less

Basically it takes 15-20 minutes for the brain to start signaling signs of fullness. By eating slowly we give our body and brain the time to fulfill their functions properly and show us when to stop. This of course will most probably help us loose weight and get in shape over time. We will also avoid the dreadful feeling of stomach pains, when we have just swallowed a big portion of food for a short period of time and we start to feel so stuffed. The conclusion is that, if you want to have a flat stomach, watch how much you fill it while eating.

2. Enjoy your food

By tasting everything individually and not just loading our mouths simultaneously with everything, we can actually feel the taste of what we eat and enjoy it. Why just skip one of the pleasures of life?

3. Help your body

By taking smaller bits and eating them slowly you help your digestion system. This is especially important for people with digestion problems.

4. Relax

Instead of being stressed and trying to hurry up to swallow everything, why don’t you just use this time for relaxation. Make it a ritual and time when you can leave all the urgent tasks and troubles and concentrate only on food.

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10 tips for getting a good night sleep!! »


Find out how our bedroom environment, what we do before we go to sleep and how we eat and drink affect our sleep.

The sleep is very important part of our life, we spend almost 1/3 of it sleeping. If you did not get enough sleep, you will definitely feel tired and will not be as productive, as you would like to be. You mood will not be very good, and not to mention the health risk of not getting enough sleep every night. Sometimes even though we want to fall asleep it does not work. We spent hours in our beds just moving from one side to the other and back and forth. There are although few reasons why you can not fall asleep easily. The following tips might give you an idea why it is not working sometimes. Read the rest »