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Social support and its importance in the fight against STRESS »

There is no doubt, the social support from co-workers, relatives and friends plays an important role in reducing the stress.Basically the social support comes in the form of some kind of emotional support or information. How can this help us? First the emotional support from friends, family members and colleagues shows us, that we are […]

Is kitchen furniture important or 7 techniques for slowly eating! »

Now days each of us is in a hurry, and we all have our priorities. Each of us also knows that eating slowly is healthier that just putting big chunks of food in our stomachs. There are few reasons why we should eat slow: 1. More satisfied with less Basically it takes 15-20 minutes for […]

10 tips for getting a good night sleep!! »

Find out how our bedroom environment, what we do before we go to sleep and how we eat and drink affect our sleep. The sleep is very important part of our life, we spend almost 1/3 of it sleeping. If you did not get enough sleep, you will definitely feel tired and will not be […]